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Time and Tide

I realised that it has been five months since my last post. This blog is now getting fairly dormant as my interests in the real world, coupled with my job and family do take up most of my time. Besides, I have outgrown the phase where I needed to do posts to share my thoughts and ideas with the world. I am now in the phase to read more, to learn new skills such as conversational Japanese, Korean, Thai which already I struggle to find the time to regularly revise and practise.

I have re-discovered volunteering and am currently helping out a society in terms of being one of its committees. This soaks up quite a fair bit of my spare time but it is immensely satisfying as I learn many new things related to my career skills in volunteering for this committee. My current focus is on building up more experience and skills in the areas related to my profession so that I give myself more options when I near the retirement age of 62/67.

Besides learning languages, I am also considering taking up law studies or perhaps a masters in something interesting.

For the time being, the other secondary appointment in my job is also taking up a lot of time and provides me with many opportunities to learn human resource, business and general management skills as that is similar to overseeing a small and medium enterprise with its own business, staff and facilities.

One of the reasons why I am pursuing more of such self-development pursuits is seeing how close I am getting to mid-life and I have also been inspired by some people in their 70s who are still active and productively contributing in their own spheres of expertise.

Time and tide truly waits for no-man.

Be well and prosper.

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